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90 Degree Frameless Glass Shower Layout 1


  • One 3/8″ thick Frameless Shower Door with One 3/8″ Frameless Glass Panel to the Left and One 3/8″ 90 Degree Return Panel
  • Shower Door Hinged to the right side
  • 100% Tempered Glass
  • Right Sided Door Hinges, Door Handle, Glass to Wall Clamps and Glass to Glass Clamp Included
  • Hardware (choice of color) and Vinyl Waterproof Bottom Sweep Included
  • Small Measurement Changes and Out of Square Measurements can be sent after order (We triple check all measurements on each order with you before manufacturing)
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Your Frameless Glass Shower Dimensions:



This product, along with many others in the 90 Degree Layout product line, is for customers who have a more open shower and want to cover the entirety of the open space with the door. Coming in either clear or frosted glass, this full multi-panel shower door with 90 degree return panel will fit your bathroom needs. Comes with two hinges/clamps that attach the glass to the wall, and a door that is also attached to an L-shaped sidewall that covers the other side of the shower that would be open without this multi-panel product.

Included in this package are three glass panels, two glass to wall hinges, two glass to glass clamps, three glass to floor clamps, two glass to wall clamps and a handle.

Please enter your dimensions for an instant price, and select your hardware, handle and other options.


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