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Showers can be designed so they fit in many parts of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, or if you have other features like a large tub, then you might be trying to figure out the best place to put your shower. Many people end up putting their glass shower enclosure next to the vanity. If that’s what you’re considering, there are several options you should think about. In order of how much remodeling they might take, here are several great shower designs for your glass shower enclosure.


Your First Choice – 90 Degree Shower #1

  • 90 Degree Frameless Glass Shower #1
  • Most Interior Square Footage
  • Simple Installation
  • Fits Your Space
  • Customizable Hardware


Square Shower Enclosures


The simplest way to add a shower into the space next to your bathroom vanity is by installing a square shower enclosure in the far corner of the room. This keeps the general floor plan organized and keeps the most-used parts of the room nearest to the door. It saves time and feels natural for many to have the sink and vanity closer to the door than the shower. It also keeps a sense of privacy, even if you choose to have clear glass installed for your frameless shower.

Square showers are one of the most common shapes sold in pre-fab shower kits. So, if you’re replacing an old shower you likely won’t have to redo nearly as much of the floor by keeping your shower square. This shape also has the benefit of having the most interiors square footage per foot of perimeter. So, if you’re looking to keep your bathroom remodel as simple as possible, this is the way to go!


Neo Shower Enclosure


If you don’t have the benefit of enough space between your vanity and a far wall, you can consider building a neo shower enclosure in a different corner of the room. A neo shower enclosure, which is a square or rectangle with one corner chopped off and replaced with another glass panel, helps keep the room open and walkways clear. If your shower has to be next to the door, a neo shower enclosure can make the entryway feel less claustrophobic.

Neo shower enclosures are also great for rooms with unique angles or dimensions. The angle of the neo shower’s three sides is not set in stone. You can order a neo shower enclosure to fit rooms with walls that don’t meet at 90-degree angles. This is thanks to the adjustable “sleeve over” glass clamp that Glass Shower Direct offers. Get the two side panels attached to the walls, and your third, center panel can simply fill the gap between them. The sleeve over clamp will hold it in place without worrying about the exact degree of the connection.

This style of enclosure, since it is not a perfect square, sometimes requires some alteration to the floor, but no more than is necessary to expand or change a square shower enclosure. It simply happens more frequently because it is a more unique shape.

Vanity Integration – 90 Degree Shower #10

  • 90 Degree Framless Glass Shower #10
  • Can Integrate Vanity Into the Shower
  • Customized with Knee Wall
  • Fully Frameless Design
  • Design for the Size You Need




Shower Enclosure with Knee Wall


If your vanity is a built-in feature, there’s another way you can place your shower next to it. Consider using the side of your bathroom vanity as a knee wall, and use it as a part of your overall shower enclosure. If you have a large enough space between the edge of the sink and the edge of the vanity, you can absolutely waterproof and tile the side of your vanity and make it a part of your shower.


This is an interesting approach, because it takes a difficult situation and makes it seem like the entire thing was intended from the start. The edge of your vanity might even extend into the shower proper, if you tile part of the counter, and give you a ledge to place things like shampoo or soap. Doing this can take a bland bathroom and make the whole thing look like a single, custom-designed interior. If you’re renovating for a new look, that’s the kind of thing you should strive for!


Shower Enclosure with Knee Wall and Built-In Seat


You can also take the knee wall idea one step further. If you’re going full-force with your remodel, consider adding a built-in seat for your shower. Built-in shower seats have many uses. They give people with poor balance or vertigo a place to safely sit down, they allow people who shave their legs a simple way to do so, and they give a bathroom a sense of luxury.


If you’re using the knee wall approach by using your vanity as part of the shower enclosure, before installing your custom glass shower enclosure, add the seat extending from the vanity. This requires the most remodeling of any of the options presented here, but it’s worth the effort! Today it makes your showers feel like they’re taking place at a resort, and should you decide to sell your home in the future, it adds a whole lot of appeal for anyone who tours the house.


Wrapping Up


Lots of showers are placed next to a bathroom vanity. If that looks like the best option to use in your space, you still have plenty of ways to spice it up. Consider the different style of shower listed here. Each of them has a great aesthetic, and one of them for sure will fit your budget and your willingness to remodel your home. Why not go check out the showers for sale at Glass Shower Direct right now, and see how they look? You might find yourself willing to do more when you see how great they look in a home.