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Showers are many people’s sanctuary, the place where they can let the stress of the day melt away. They should be comfortable, clean, inviting places to spend time. If your shower doesn’t meet those specifications, then you should be considering an update. A custom glass shower door can help elevate your bathroom from okay to great. If you are in the market for a new glass shower door, you might be wonder where to buy a high-quality glass shower door. Well, here are the signs that you should look for to find the best glass shower door fabricators.

Your First Choice – Inline Shower Layout #1

  • Inline Frameless Shower Layout #5
  • Frosted Glass Options for Privacy
  • Spa-like Atmosphere
  • Fully Frameless Design
  • Customizable Hardware




Obviously, you want to make sure your custom shower comes from a company with a reputation for quality. Your shower should be built from quality components, so it will last for years to come. This includes using quality glass, sturdy hardware, and making everything easy to install correctly and firmly.

The best glass shower fabricators have confidence in their product, and will make sure everything goes smoothly in the process. If you have issues with your product, they will be easy to contact and they will have answers for your questions.




You also want your glass shower door fabricator to produce a product that fits your needs. That means you should look for a company that offers a wide variety of shapes in which to buy your shower. If the fabricator doesn’t offer something that fits your needs, you obviously have no reason to consider their products.

A wide variety of shapes gives you options for your shower, to make sure you get something that graces your bathroom with a design that fits and impresses. It lets you do things like maximize floor space inside and outside the shower, make use of spare corners in your bathroom, and make sure that your shower is exactly to your specifications.




Like shape, you want your shower fabricator to make options in a variety of sizes. If you have low ceilings, or a very wide space that you want to fill with a dream shower, a good glass shower door fabricator should be able to accommodate that. If you wanted a standard shower, in a standard size, in a standard color, you could get the same prefab shower that another three people on your block bought.

To really make your shower pop, you can make it large and, if you want, dramatic. It will also give you space to stretch out and relax. There’s a reason spas and luxury hotels often have large showers in the rooms – they make you feel pampered, relaxed, and much happier with the overall shower experience.

The width and height of your shower depends on a lot of factors so you don’t have to necessarily settle for the standard size available.

Pick Your Size – 90 Degree Glass Shower #10

  • 90 Degree Framless Glass Shower #10
  • Classic Look and Layout
  • Customized with Knee Wall
  • Fully Frameless Design
  • Design for the Size You Need



Size and shape aren’t the only factors to consider when looking for a glass shower fabricator. You also need to see how much customization the fabricator offers. The best fabricators will allow you to design a completely custom glass shower enclosure, down to where the hinges are on the doors and how wide the panels are.

This customization is a sign of a quality fabricator because it means they give every panel of your shower personalized attention. They understand that your shower might not be the standard size, and can work with that. The smaller the increment they allow you to change, the more likely they really take care with your order and are truly making you a one-of-a-kind shower.



Of course, it’s possibly to get a custom shower from a bad fabricator. A bad sign in a fabricator is if the order is going to take a very long time. You should be able to get your order quickly, and you should be able to contact people about your order just as quickly. If your order is taking ages to go through, or to arrive, then you might have cause to be concerned about the final product.


Ease of Purchase


A final key element of finding a good shower fabricator is checking to see how easy it is to actually buy what you want from them. A simply, customer-friendly interface is a sign of professionalism, no matter what industry a business is in. Examples of good interface qualities to look for include clear directions for what each item actually is, an easy way to contact customer service, and a simple but thorough ordering process.

The ordering process can be overlooked when you’re thinking about purchasing something online, but it is very important. The simpler and clearer the order screen is, the more likely you are to be able to purchase exactly what you want. You won’t waste time fussing about returning incorrect items or dealing with ambiguous measurements. It’s also a sign that you can trust the company. Clarity in the order screen shows that the shower door fabricator knows exactly what they need to from you in order to deliver their best product.

Wrapping Up


Overall, there are plenty of signs that can help you decide whether a specific glass shower door fabricator is the right one for you. If their site is easy to understand, they have a quality product, and you can easily get in touch with someone about any questions you have, then you should feel comfortable trusting them to give you the best product possible.

Wondering where to start from? Might as well check out our glass shower doors that are custom made and directly delivered for you!